Water Absorbent Ceramic Coaster, Stacking PippiRabbit

Water Absorbent Ceramic Coaster, Stacking PippiRabbit
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PippiRabbit original illustration: Stacking PippiRabbit
"PippiRabbit bunnies love to stack and overlap each other with their bodies for warmth, comfort and relaxation. They cuddles and sleeps together like it's the best thing to do in the world."

The illustration is permanently printed on an water absorbent ceramic coaster. The coaster will tolerate heat from hot container and absorb water that sweat from a chilled glass. The thin cork layer on bottom protects surfaces from scratching and provides grip.

Product Care: To remove stains on coasters from spilled beverages, soak coaster in 1 part household bleach and 3 parts water until stain lifts, then rinse and air dry.

Coaster Specification:
• Diameter (10.3 cm)
• Thickness (0.6 cm)