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Welcome to PippiRabbit™ handmade bags and accessories shop. We are based in Singapore, a small country located in Southeast Asia. The main designer and founder of the PippiRabbit brand is Yen. She graduated as a Multimedia Designer and work in the corporate industry for many years before she decided to start her own brand of handmade bag for selling online.

We started designing and making our own bags and pouches since 2010. Our bags are designed from scratch by mixing and matching different types of printed cloths and materials.

Our bag designs are usually inspired by the types of fabric found in different regions of the world, so they are sort of limited and unique. We source our cloths and materials from various countries such as United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and within Singapore.

The materials we like to use most are canvas, linen, cotton, fleece and maybe some small wooden or metal ornaments for decorations. Our choice in combining materials shows that we are fans of the natural and “Zakka” style.

Our main designer, Yen, holds the belief that handmade bags allow her to create something, which women carry everyday, to be different from what can be found in the mass market. Imagine carrying a bag with a design only you have, in the whole world.

Every new bag design starts off with a mock-up piece, tested for its aesthetic look and functionality by loading with normal items that a person might carry everyday. The sewing method and the sequence of assembling the jigsaw-like pieces are carefully planned, then sewed manually by using quality sewing machine in our studio.

The process is long and tedious but the result is satisfying. This is why a truly handmade bag is really unique and in very limited quantity. In our case, each design is usually made only once or twice.

The Character

PippiRabbit is also the main character and mascot of our brand other than the brand name itself.

He is basically red in colour and wears a mechanic jumpsuit. He is like a workshop helper who does his job quietly without complaints.


Our shop is fully secured with a 256-bit encrypted SSL certificate. There is a lock icon on the browser address bar and our website starts with “https://”. This means that account registration, checkout process and credit card details are all protected.

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