Aqua Terra Jasper Cat Wrap Bracelet

Aqua Terra Jasper Cat Wrap Bracelet
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This wrap bracelet features 6mm Aqua Terra Jasper beads enclosed with a nickel silver cat button and stainless steel butterfly charm.

According to the Astrology studies, Aqua Terra (meaning Water Earth) is a wonderful stone for helping one find inner peace, clarity, love and compassion, helps with the alignment of the physical and “Light” bodies and is an excellent stone for emotional healing.

• This bracelet will fit wrist sizes 15 to 17 cm (5.9 to 6.7 inches)
• The end knots are adjustable, so you can fit your wrist perfectly
• Cut off the extra cord at the bracelet end for neater look or simply tug the extra cord under the bracelet
• 6 mm gemstone round beads
• 1.5 mm Korea waxed cotton cord
• 18 mm width metal button