Sleepy Cat Shrink Art Plastic Pendant

Sleepy Cat Shrink Art Plastic Pendant
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This fun and charming shrink art plastic pendant is embedded with original drawing by the artist and handmade from white shrink plastic

The artwork are drawn and coloured by hand using oil based marker and pastel color. After which, each design are cut to shape and heated in a oven and the plastic will shrink to become rigid & sturdy. The surface has been spray with a layer of matt varnish to protect the artwork against moisture.

Each pendant is unique and precious like a original painting.

The length of the waxed thread is adjustable by pulling the 2 knots.

• White Shrink Plastic
• 1.5 mm thickness brown waxed thread
Approximate Measurements:
• Width: 2.1" (5.4cm)
• Height: 1.5" (4.3 cm)