• My Dearest Sleeping Bear

    This is one of the few artwork which I’m really satisfied and proud of making. He has a enchanting and calm look and I could imagine him in the mids of the ancient forest with a full moon up high in the sky.

  • Blue Forest Flat-Belly Crossbody Bag

    Fashion is an art of wearing something that makes you feel good and express who you are and what you are proud of. It takes some luck and fate to own certain things that means something special to you especially if it’s not mass produced.

  • Macramé On-The-Go

    I want to make a bag that gives the owner freedom to create the macramé pattern on their own. Sometimes a certain spark of inspiration are just too tempting. You cannot stop thinking about it until you make it real. I had fun making this bag but the ending product needs more adjustments. It’s still …

  • Distressed Denim Pouch

    A twist of distressed denim on zipper pouch instead of your blue jeans. Artistically placed shading and deliberate amounts of distressing put this street wear fashion trend in a new perspective.

  • A ‘Steampunk’ inspired design

    PippiRabbit Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag This is one of those bag that I’ve envision for a long time even before I bought the waxed canvas fabric. A creation that solely belongs to the brand; no sharing of copyright for the fabric pattern bought from store; no bag sewing pattern shared with other crafters. A product …

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